“One day while I was in Changing Hands feeding my habit, I mentioned to Brandi that my publisher had chosen the title My Secret Life as a Pop Star for my new book. Brandi, tactfully but honestly, told me that she didn’t think the title flowed. I was unhappy with the title myself and readily agreed that it would doom my book to utter failure. Right there on the spot Brandi brianstormed a couple of better titles for me. Because I know that editors often listen to booksellers–after all, they’re the ones out on the front line who know what works and what doesn’t–I emailed the suggested titles to my editor and told him that Brandi thought these ones were better.

The title of my book was very quickly changed to My Double Life which was close to one of the titles Brandi had suggested–and a much needed improvement. Thanks for your help, Brandi!”  – Author, Janette Rallison, My Double Life