Writer’s Block

You know the term writer’s block.  It’s a scary and frustrating time when you are on a deadline.   What do you do when you reach this conundrum?  Sometimes you just need to focus on something else.  

I’ve developed a fun game to generate ideas and get your creative thoughts flowing once again.

How to play:

1. Develop Writer’s Block

2. Visit Editor Genie’s Writer’s Block game

3. Read the beginning of a story and add 1 paragraph to further the story.

4. Reread, laugh, write!

Ready?  I’ll start:

Title: Writer’s Block

Sally sat on her bed writing the next great novel when she heard a scratching at the door.  Being a cautious woman, she quietly got up, grabbed the nearest sharpie marker, and crept to the door.  She listened. 

tap… tap… tap…

Trembling, Sally cautiously looked through the peep hole.  Having seen many horror films, she knew not to get too close or she’d risk her eye being stabbed through with an awl.   What she saw caused her more fear than she’d ever experienced in her whole life.  It was the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK!

(Story to be continued by the next Writer’s Block victim.)

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